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The ADDIE Model: Disadvantages

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The ADDIE Model: A roadmap for building E-Learning Courses



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As we become instructional designers, the ADDIE Model has its disadvantages as it takes us through the following phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. ADDIE’s disadvantages, According to (WikiBooks), is that the process is too systematic and too time - consuming to implement.


Working with The ADDIE Model can be too systematic for teachers. Just the analysis section would be too vigorous to approach. The process can become overwhelming as more and more information is added and when changes are made during the design phase. As noted by WikiBooks (WikiBooks) it can become too confusing for the linear learner. What this means is that the linear learner is used to finish unit 1 before continuing to unit 2 through a text book and a regular class setting. On the other hand the non-linear learner can visualize and interpret what he/she hears.


The linear learner would be happy without The ADDIE Model, since this would require a traditional classroom setting with a text book on the desk. But, implement The ADDIE Model and then it becomes too time consuming to implement. The setting is not non-linear and there is much more to think about. Now learners are disguising, classifying, identifying, working/learning at the same time, and networking with other learners. Designing would definitely take up more instructional or company time to implement, plus the linear learner has to be constantly redirected.


The drawbacks aren’t that many, but do exist, as it would with any other model process. So, as we run into The ADDIE Model being too systematic and too time consuming to implement, we realize that the first to experience the disadvantages are the linear learners.




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