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The ADDIE Model: Abstract

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The ADDIE Model: A roadmap for building E-Learning Courses



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Just like we need a map when traveling or when we move into a new city, instructional designers need a map or guide to design effective instruction. There are many instructional design models used to design instruction or trainings today. Many of these instructional models are variations of the original ADDIE model.


This project provides an in-depth overview of the ADDIE Model, including the advantages and disadvantages of the model, and examples of the model used as a road map to design e-learning courses. The objective of this program is to improve student retention by understanding the application of the ADDIE instructional design model. The goal is to provide a thorough understanding of the model and its application to e-learning.



Team Member Assignments


Team members were assigned specific tasks for this project, but all team members reviewed and provided feedback to all areas as the project developed.


Team Member Tasks
Leonila Pena Wiki, Abstract, Overview, Conclusion, Multimedia
Rose Townsend Abstract, Application of ADDIE
Noe Granado

Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples

Advantage.doc, Disadvantage.doc

All Team Members References


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